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Terms & Conditions

Tour Booking

Contracts and agreements will be valid consequent to but after Wonderland Tour and Travel confirmation of the booking by fax, e-mail, letter or telephone. Booking information may include full passenger’s/customer’s name and nationality.


At the time of confirmation, a deposit of 50% of the total cost is requested. The remaining amount of the total cost shall be paid prior to the commencement of the tour. Unless prior arrangements have been made, Wonderland Tour and Travel is not indebted to conduct the tour if complete payment has not been received.

Itinerary Changes

While every effort is made to hold on to the specifics mentioned in the agreed itinerary, changes may be required at times. However, we honestly and professionally try to meet the conditions of the original program.


Obtaining travel insurance, which is available from your own country, is strongly recommended.


Cancellations of a confirmed booking received more than 30 days prior to departure are subject to a cancellation fee. The amount can be decided at the time of booking confirmation.

Change Fee

Prior to issuance of tickets, changes of confirmed reservations may be subject to additional fees as the result of other principals’ price changes such as airline, hotel, parks, churches or museums.

Responsibility and Liability

Only the laws of Ethiopia govern Wonderland Tour and Travel’s liability to passengers transported in its own vehicles, and all claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Ethiopia in which the cause of action arises. Although every possible care is taken to safeguard you and your property, Wonderland Tour and Travel accepts no liability for loss or damage of any personal effects.

Wonderland Tour and Travel will give its best efforts to assist visitors when dealing with third parties such as hotels, airline and other transport companies and travel agents. However, Wonderland Tour and Travel can not be held responsible for any loss or harm such as sickness, injury, death, or additional costs incurred due to denied boarding, overbooking cancellation or delay caused by the third parties.

Car Rental Policy

Payment – Deposits

We accept cash, visa, union pay, master cards, American express card and bank transfer.

A valid driver’s license and a credit card or debit card used must be in the same name. Debit Cards must have a Visa, Master Card or Discover logo.

Credit card must have available funds of $500 greater than the total amount of the rental charges. All required funds will be taken as a deposit against rental charges.

All unused funds will be returned through your credit card processor after the vehicle is returned.

Collision Damage Waiver

When you rent a vehicle from Wonderland tour and travel, you are responsible for damage to the rental vehicle and any third party claims for liability. You may also be responsible for the cost of the repair of the vehicle, loss of use, towing storage and impound fees.

Wonderland tour and travel offers, at an additional charge, a Collision Damage to cover your financial responsibility for collision damage to the rented vehicle. Your own auto insurance may cover all or part of your financial responsibility for the rented vehicle, so you should determine the extent of your coverage before deciding whether to purchase a CDW.


You must be 25 years of age to rent or drive a vehicle from Wonderland Tour and Travel.

Rates & Late Charges

For self drive rental, a rental day is each 24 hour time period beginning with the date/time indicated on your rental agreement. There is no grace period and hourly charges apply after the rental period. After three hours late, a full day charge applies.

In the case of renting a car with driver, operational hour is from 6:00am-7:00pm (14hours per day), unless special agreement if made.


-All our cars are fully insured.

-Cars availability: 24/7.

-Driver, Fluency in English


Many of our contracts include unlimited mileage. If you do
not plan on driving more than 75 kms per day, then one of our promotional rates may best suit your needs. These rates have an extra charge per kms if you exceed the specified mileage on your agreement.

Extending Your Contract

If you intend to extend your contract beyond the current expiration date, you must notify our office immediately and pay all necessary additional deposits. If you keep the vehicle longer than the return date specified on the contract, an increased rate will be charged. Only the renter is permitted to extend the rental agreement.

If additional funds are not available or a payment cannot be made, a request for extension will be denied and the vehicle must be returned on the original return date and time. In order to extend the rental period, cash renters must make an additional payment for deposit in our office prior to the contract end date.

Additional Drivers

Wonderland tour and travel don’t accept additional driver. Operation of our vehicles by anyone other than the driver listed on the contract will immediately terminate the contract and result in a forfeit of your deposit. No additional drivers may be added to a contract over the telephone. Photo copies or fax copies of the driver’s license will not be accepted.

Honor Reservations – Cancellations

We request to be notified (formal) 24hours before the guest arrival if your travel plans change and you cannot honor your reservation. Cancelation in less than 24hours results on non refund ability of cash. Cash deposits CAN NOT be refunded, once the service starts rendering. Your non-refundable deposit guarantees you the vehicle when you get here, as WE DO NOT OVERBOOK!

EARLY or LATE Return: Your rental rate applies only to the exact reservation period specified. Returning the vehicle early or past the confirmed return date subjects you to a higher daily and or weekly charge of $10 per day.

Fuel Policy – Cleaning Policy

Fueling the rental vehicle is the renter’s responsibility. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges. Renters should stop at a local station and refuel to the same level before returning it. If the customer chooses not to do so, we charge a premium for providing this refueling service to them. That charge takes into account both direct and indirect costs of having us refuel for you.

Please return your vehicle in the same clean condition that you received it. A cleaning fee may be applied for any vehicle that is not returned in a reasonably clean condition or excessively dirty condition.

Emergency Information – Damage or Loss

Breakdowns & Repairs:

If your vehicle breaks down, you must notify us immediately. We will advise you on how to proceed. For your safety, do not attempt to drive a damaged rental vehicle. You will be re-reimbursed for any repairs authorized by us, or for any oil or parts authorized by us. You must retain any and all receipts for re-reimbursement. Our emergency breakdown after hour’s number is printed on your contract.

Damage or Loss:

You are responsible for all damage to or loss of the vehicle, or missing equipment, regardless if you are at fault or not.

You must report all accidents or incidents of theft or vandalism to the police within 24 hours after the time you discover them. You must provide us with a copy of the police report. You must report all accidents involving the vehicle directly to us within 24 hours of occurrence.

Failure to report any damage, loss or vandalism will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

Rental Agreement Violations

Rental Agreement violations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Driving under the influence of intoxicants.
  2. Operation of the vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  3. Failure to return the vehicle by the due-back date and time.
  4. Failure to pay all charges at the time of return.