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Halala Kella The Perfect Place To Take A Breather, Enjoy Rejuvenation

While launching the first phase of the Halala Kella cluster section of the Koysha National Project on 21 February 2021, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed described the site as a captivating place with breathtaking scenery and dynamic history and culture.

The Halala Kela cluster, which constitutes the larger Koysha project, is initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to capitalize on the natural endowments of the area so as to expand greenery attraction sites across the nation.

In his today’s social media post, the Prime Minister pointed out that the Halala Kella, an attraction site in Dauro Zone, is an ideal place to take a breath and open one’s mind to many activities. He said Dauro is one of the tranquil places with peaceful environment. “Lose no time to visit such a spectacular site”, he underscored.

Halala Kella is the most relaxing attraction site that has been developed under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s “Dine for Nation” initiative.

Abiy encourages visitors to come to Halala Kela to take a rest, contemplate and write by seeing things from new perspectives.

Someone who stands at the highest place of the resort can have a panoramic view of the verdant landscape of the area which is endowed with nature’s endless beauty.

Apart from its state of the art hotel services, the Halala is equipped with recreational facilities including spas, swimming pools and playground equipment.

Dawro is a zone in the South West Region of Ethiopia located at about 500km southwest of Addis Ababa and 319 km of Hawassa, the capital of the the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region.

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